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Hopping Around the Disney Blog World

Posted by couponingtodisney on December 10, 2009

One thing that I have been meaning to learn to use is the Mister Linky. I thought my first Mr. Linky project would be to link up other blogger’s Disney themed post. So if you have one or two, link it up so we can all hop around the Disney Blog World.


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Free Enchanted Phone Call from Disney!

Posted by couponingtodisney on October 24, 2009

You can get a FREE call from Disney by following the steps listed below!

#1. Register or log in at Disney Movie Rewards HERE

#2. Select “Member Benefits” and then “Special Offers”

#3. Scroll down to “FREE Disney Enchanted Call”

#4. Enter required information and wait for your promo code to arrive by e-mail!!

#5. Go HERE to personalize, schedule, and enter your promo code for your FREE call!!

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Goodbye Disney Store! Hello Imagination Park?

Posted by couponingtodisney on October 14, 2009

I’m sure you’ve all been to a Disney Store at your local mall. It’s filled with racks and racks of Disney merchandise. Usually it’s small and hard to maneuver in a stroller. The only fun, interactive thing they have is the screen in the rear of the store that plays Disney Movies. But Disney is about to change all that….

Disney Store is going to undergo a complete, 1 million dollar per store, floor to ceiling remodel. Gone will be the rows of toys and apparel, in fact the merchandise will now just be the icing on the cake! The new stores will be interactive. “The world does not need another place to sell Disney merchandise — this only works if it’s an experience,” said Jim Fielding, president of the Disney stores.

The new store will have a theater for children to watch film clips they choose, a stage to participate in karaoke contests and an option to chat live with Disney Channel stars via satellite. Merchandise for sale in the store will have magical features. Walk by a “magic mirror” while holding a Princess tiara, for instance, and Cinderella might appear and speak to you.

With the push of a button, eight 13-foot-tall Lucite trees will crackle with video-projected fireworks and sound to celebrate a guest’s birthday or special event. There will also be exclusive scents released in the store. For example, if it’s Christmas the whole store might smell like a Christmas tree in honor of Disney’s “A Christmas Carol.”

This is a great marketing concept from Disney. They will sell more merchandise because kids will want to stay longer in their stores. They will book more vacations because parents will think “Look at how much fun our kids have in a Disney Store, imagine how much fun they will have at Disney World!” And they will even be able to book their vacation there on a touch screen kiosk, spur of the moment. It’s ingenious really.

The new Disney Stores will open in May beginning with California, New York and Spain.

Thanks NY Times for the insightful article!

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Disney introduces Disney Digital Books

Posted by couponingtodisney on October 13, 2009

Disney has launched Disney Digital Books – Discover reading made magical.

Disney Digital Books introduces a revolutionary way to experience books. Now children of all ages can experience new and classic stories with a fun, interactive library of over 500 books. Each book is easy-to-use. You can click to hear words read aloud, see definitions, turn pages on screen and highlight words while reading! You can even create your own books with your favorite characters and print them to share or read again later!

You can try it for free! Register to receive 7 sample books including 1 Look and Listen book plus 1 story-builder activity. No credit card required! If you do want to subscribe it’s $79.95 for an annual subscription or $8.95 per month. The rate includes a parent account and accounts for up to three children in your household. Gift subscriptions are also available.

I am definitely going to at least try this free trial!

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It’s Here!! The Official Trailer for Toy Story 3!

Posted by couponingtodisney on October 12, 2009

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Big Disney News!!

Posted by couponingtodisney on September 29, 2009

As most of you know, I am using the money I’m saving to go to Disney in 2010. There was big news announced for Disney today!

2010’s promotion is going to be called “Give A Day, Get A Disney Day”. If you spend a day volunteering (in 2010) for an approved non profit, you will receive a voucher from Disney for a free one day admission (You have until mid December 2010 to use it)! This is really great news for people that live around Disney because the whole family can volunteer and go to Disney for free on the same day!

I am so excited about this promotion! Disney is really starting to try to change the world and this is a great way to make an impact! Be sure to see all the details here!

This will replace the “What Will You Celebrate” promotion. That promotion will last until the end of 2009 and Give a Day will start in 2010.

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Thomas Kinkade Cinderella Painting

Posted by couponingtodisney on August 30, 2009


More details here.

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Best Disney Vacation Video Ever

Posted by couponingtodisney on August 23, 2009

This video is so much fun! After watching The Wolf’s Dance Orlando, you won’t be able to to wait to go yourself! Enjoy!

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Win A Trip To Disney

Posted by couponingtodisney on July 27, 2009


I bought a new pack of underwear today (Hanes) and it had a sticker on the front that said “Win A Trip To Disney.” So I went looking and I found this awesome link that lists about 10 open contests!

Disney Sweepstakes – Win A Disney Vacation

Good luck!

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Thomas Kinkade

Posted by couponingtodisney on July 18, 2009


Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland by Thomas Kinkade.

Doesn’t this just take your breath away? Check out his other paintings here and enter to win one of these!

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